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    Home Security Tips for Apartments
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    Tools for Everyday Home Repair
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The Water Softener Reviews

If you follow a sodium-restricted diet, you may be endangering yourself every day and not even know it. Drinking unfiltered water from salt-softened water can add an excess of sodium to your diet. Water softener critic help people get the right water softeners. The amount of sodium water softener can add to your diet may be very unhealthy.



Salt-based water softeners may solve hard water damage to your home, but they can be damaging to your health. For hjpplkkmthose with high blood pressure, atherosclerosis, heart disease, diabetes and other diseases, the added sodium can be a detriment to your well-being.

Even for healthy individuals, long – periods of increased sodium intake can lead to hypertension, which substantially enhances the risk of heart attack or stroke.


Salt-based water softeners work by replacing hard water, rich in both calcium and magnesium, with sodium. The higher the level of both magnesium and calcium in your water, the more sodium is needed to replace it. In areas with very hard water, the amount of salt needed can add a significant amount of sodium to your diet. In addition to that, the exchange of minerals is far from perfect, so there is more sodium used than is needed.


There are several options to reduce the amount of sodium in your water. One way would be to use a softener that uses potassium chloride salts instead of sodium. This method is effective in reducing sodium, but it is very expensive. Potassium chloride costs more than double the price of sodium chloride. And considering you may need up to 800 pounds annually, this method is not an option for most. Furthermore, elevated potassium levels in the body can be dangerous and lead to problems such as heart arrhythmia, especially in those with impaired kidney function.

Conditioning magnet

jkkplkkmnA practical, affordable, and healthy alternative to the water softener is a product called a conditioning magnet. This unique type of salt-free water softener utilizes incredibly powerful magnetic fields to align the water molecules. Instead of relying on large amounts of salt to soften water, this technology ironically hydrates and dissolves scale-buildup. In other words, it changes the molecular structure of the water in a way to reduce the impact of mineral buildup.

There is no salt used in the process and the healthy minerals such as calcium and magnesium are retained, which are essential to good health. So if you’re looking for a salt-free water solution, you owe it to your health to check out the new technology of conditioning magnets.…

Water Damage and Restoration Solutions

You should call the water damage and restoration services experts the moment you have water damage in your premises. Some individuals do the restoration services themselves. However, because most of them do not have the required expertise and equipment, they do not entirely remove the water as it is needed for them. The water damage in the premises may be caused by the burst pipes, hurricanes, roof leakage, and sewerage backup, just but to mention a few. The water damage usually cause lots of loses to business premises and home owners. Let us look at the factors that should guide you when choosing the best water damage expert.



Most of the professional water damage restoration services operate on a 24/7 basis. Make sure that you select the jplkmbvxzcompany that will be able to attend to your needs at an hour of the day or any day of the week. There are instances whereby the water damage might occur at the wee hours of the night. The water damage experts should be able to respond to such emergencies.

The reason for this is that with the water damage, any delay caused may lead to the further destruction of the assets. The mold could take a few hours to start growing while the furniture and other house goods could absorb the water which could make them start rotting quickly.


The equipment that the water restoration company uses should also guide you when choosing the best service provider. The water damage restoration firms use different equipment like fans, extraction units, the moisture gauge, humidity gauge, pumps, and the dehumidifiers.

There are however some of the service providers that do not have all these tools or have old tools. Make sure you choose the firm that uses the most modern equipment because you will receive the best service from them.

Technical know-how

The expertise is another important factor when choosing the company to do water damage restoration for you. The skills are one vital factor that will separate the quacks from the professionals. Ask them questions and see whether there are conversant with the various terminologies that are related to the water damage. By hiring experts that have the right technical expertise will mean that your assets will be secure as far as their handling is concerned.

Insurance claims

yhjkplmbvxLast but not least, enlist the services of the water restoration company that will assign you an insurance specialist. This will help you in the process of filing claims with the insurance firms. Not all water damage and restoration services companies are covered by all the insurance companies.…