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water softener reviews

The Water Softener Reviews

If you follow a sodium-restricted diet, you may be endangering yourself every day and not even know it. Drinking unfiltered water from salt-softened water can add an excess of sodium to your diet. Water softener critic help people get the right water softeners. The amount of sodium water softener can add to your diet may be very unhealthy.



Salt-based water softeners may solve hard water damage to your home, but they can be damaging to your health. For hjpplkkmthose with high blood pressure, atherosclerosis, heart disease, diabetes and other diseases, the added sodium can be a detriment to your well-being.

Even for healthy individuals, long – periods of increased sodium intake can lead to hypertension, which substantially enhances the risk of heart attack or stroke.


Salt-based water softeners work by replacing hard water, rich in both calcium and magnesium, with sodium. The higher the level of both magnesium and calcium in your water, the more sodium is needed to replace it. In areas with very hard water, the amount of salt needed can add a significant amount of sodium to your diet. In addition to that, the exchange of minerals is far from perfect, so there is more sodium used than is needed.


There are several options to reduce the amount of sodium in your water. One way would be to use a softener that uses potassium chloride salts instead of sodium. This method is effective in reducing sodium, but it is very expensive. Potassium chloride costs more than double the price of sodium chloride. And considering you may need up to 800 pounds annually, this method is not an option for most. Furthermore, elevated potassium levels in the body can be dangerous and lead to problems such as heart arrhythmia, especially in those with impaired kidney function.

Conditioning magnet

jkkplkkmnA practical, affordable, and healthy alternative to the water softener is a product called a conditioning magnet. This unique type of salt-free water softener utilizes incredibly powerful magnetic fields to align the water molecules. Instead of relying on large amounts of salt to soften water, this technology ironically hydrates and dissolves scale-buildup. In other words, it changes the molecular structure of the water in a way to reduce the impact of mineral buildup.

There is no salt used in the process and the healthy minerals such as calcium and magnesium are retained, which are essential to good health. So if you’re looking for a salt-free water solution, you owe it to your health to check out the new technology of conditioning magnets.…

4 Best Water Softener Models 2016

Two soluble minerals cause water hardness magnesium and calcium. The two minerals can clog up water pipes in your CADfvAWrfvSWhome and will leave spots on the counters, dishes as well as reducing the efficiency of laundry detergent and soap. Luckily, having a proper water treatment can eradicate these minerals and reduce the effects that they produce.

Water softener systems are specifically designed to remove and neutralize these unwanted minerals. Some softeners take out ions, which can stain on sinks and tubs, clothing, clog pipes and can even affect food taste. Whereas others are designed with filters, that eliminates chlorine or any other unwanted substance that can affect water taste. A closer look at the best Water Softener Reviews will give you some insights on how these systems work. Below are some of the best water softeners available.

Top Models

Kenmore High-Efficiency 38300

It is a salt-based softener that is designed to use a resin bed to get rid of magnesium and calcium from the water source. This softener has a hardness capacity of over 24,000 grains and can remove over 30 grains per gallon hardness. To ensure if this unit will efficiently perform in your home, you need compare the value of your water hardness. Also, note that Kenmore 38300 requires consistent regeneration to get rid of the accumulated magnesium and calcium from resin media bed. This process will involve electrical joining for control.

EvoClear Salt-Free

This saltless water softener was made for use with public water supplies. In case you have a well at your home, you will need to pretreat it to eliminate hydrocarbons, hydrogen sulfide, and iron before they reach the water softener. Though this water softener doesn’t get rid of calcium and magnesium, EvoClear is designed to crystallize the two minerals into even forms that won’t hinder the performance of detergents or soaps.

Aquasana 1,000,000 Gallon Rhino

qDsdvcwafvSWThis unit will remove silt particles and dust from the home’s water even before it enters the unit. It uses a saltless progression to transform magnesium and calcium into inert crystals. What I love about this water softener is that the water treated will still retain its original value, but you are guaranteed that crystallized mineral deposits won’t form scale on your pipes nor stain dishes, tubs or sinks.

GE 30,400 Grain

It is also a salt-based home unit and it is equipped with a resin bed that is designed to remove minerals from your water supply. This water softener can also get rid of clear-water ions plus it is featured with electronic gear shifts to manage the restoration cycle.…